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About me
My work as a systemic psychotherapist is characterised by an attitude of respect, interest, impartiality and appreciation towards your previous and current life strategies.
In this regard, my objective is to establish an opening and collaborative dialogue to find and accompany individual solutions for your issues. I consider psychotherapy as a room for new and forgotten thoughts and ideas, as a safe place to talk about topics that would otherwise not find a place.
More infomation about myself can be found here (in German).
Areas of expertise
Difficult life situations, conflicts
Work, stress, burnout
Anxiety, depression
Illness, disability
Relationship, sexuality
Separation, divorce
Family issues
Parenting challenges 
Pregnancy, birth
Unfulfilled child wish
Systemic psychotherapy
The context in which symptoms, a disorder or a problem arises plays an important role in systemic practice.
Systemic therapy view problems of an individual in the context of their relationships with significant others, their social networks and the social conditions of life.
Individual symptoms can be a result of problem-producing and enduring patterns in the context of relationships, work, society, culture, etc.
These individuals may be involved in the therapeutic process when appropriate.

General conditions


Session fee: € 90,-- (50 minutes)
Partial refund possible by public health insurance (per session):

SVS € 40,--

ÖGK, KFA € 28,--

BVAEB € 40,--


The fee is paid at the end of the therapy session. Card payment is possible.


Appointments: By phone or e-mail. See also contact.


Cancellation regulation: The fee will be charged for short-term cancellations of agreed appointments.



Practice at Siebenbrunnenplatz

Siebenbrunnengasse 56/3

1050 Vienna


Public transportation:

- Bus: 12A, 14A, 59A Reinprechtsdorfer Straße /  

  Arbeitergasse resp. Kohlgasse (250m)

- Tram: 6, 18 Margaretengürtel / Arbeitergasse (700 m)

- Matzleinsdorfer Platz (700 m)

- U4 Pilgramgasse (950 m)

- U4 Margaretengürtel (1,1 km)


Contact options:

- Mobile: +43 676 964 47 27

- E-Mail: julia(<@>)asimakis.at

- or via contact form


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